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Catering for the pony industry in Australia.

Pony Magazine Australia provides an industry specific media outlet suitable for a variety of businesses to showcase their goods and services. Our readership consists of pony owners, pony breeders, horse and pony enthusiasts of a variety of ages. By advertising with Pony Magazine Australia you are reaching a targeted audience and diminish the risk of being lost in the crowd of the bigger equestrian community. 

Our articles cater for a number of areas of the industry, with general interest and personality profiles enjoyable to all horse enthusiasts, bloodline and historical articles of interest to breeders and those with an interest in genetics and breeding, as well as health and nutrition articles that are pony-relative but applicable to all horse owners. 


1/4 page $50

1/3 page $65

1/2 page $80

Full page $150

All adverts are full colour. Advertising closes on the 26th of the previous month.

For expressions of interest please contact Advertising [email protected]